How the Chipmunk Came to Have Stripes

bear and chipmunk

The Bear gave a low snarl at the little Chipmunk “I have enough power that if I wanted to I could order Father Sun to not rise in the morning”.

The Chipmunk laughed and looked at the Bear, “Uh huh, sure you could.”

“Wait Chipmunk you will see,” growled the Bear.

The Chipmunk laughed, “I will wait, and we shall watch together as Father Sun rises in the sky at the usual time”.

So as Father Sun rose the next morning in the sky the little Chipmunk laughed and made fun of the Bear, “All powerful Bear,” continuing to taunt until the Bear became so mad that it reached out to grab the little Chipmunk. But the Chipmunk managed to escape, for his burrow was nearby. Yet just as he reached the opening to his home, the Bear stretched out its massive paw to swipe at him. Narrowly escaping from under it he managed to scurry into the hole.

However, the very next day when the Chipmunk came out of its burrow, it had three marks on his back, marks of the Bear’s claws. And Chipmunks carry those marks to this day.

Mitakuye O`yasin
~ bear Medicinewalker

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  1. My comment I just love your stories about nature It calm’s me down and I need that for It make me proud as a Native American! thank you for the love of nature!

    1. Much Gratitude Robert for your kind words…. I am glad that you are enjoying them

      ~ bear Medicinewalker

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