It’s called Life!

It’s called Life!

Because I am not with you every second of the day…does not mean you are not in my heart always… because I remain silent doesn’t not mean I do not understand…because I walk my path does not mean I will not share it with you, or be happy to walk with you on yours…

I will always walk with you and assist… But I can not walk for you…

I will always take care of you…but sometimes I am the one that needs care.

I would do all for you…but that too requires balance and sometimes it means others need to put efforts into that sacred balance … My thought is that we are strong enough to compliment each other and yet strengthen and help balance each others weaknesses…so they no longer are weakness.

That is the Journey… that is why we are all here…it is called Life

Blessings …Mitakuye O’yasin
~ bear