Robin Willams, a Gift to Us All

Robin Willams...a Gift to Us All

Reality, What a Concept!

This morning when I crawled from bed, the first thought I had in my mind was sorrow, sorrow at the loss of Robin Williams. I guess I am a little confounded at the fact he is been with my thoughts all week. Yet considering he has been part of our lives for so long, I realize now how far he crept into my heart.

When I got onto the computer this morning however I saw a clip of Jimmy Fallon, the Tonight Show paying tribute to Robin. I sat and sobbed, not so much for the fact that he was gone… rather for the fact that a human being such as Robin could feel that empty…that lost…that alone, and still have given so much of himself to the world simply to make us laugh and smile, to help us forget the pain of every day life.

To me his mind was not of this time, never has been and yet it attempted for a long while to slow down and adapt to the now, containing so much knowledge, just as his heart felt so much emotion. That kind of intelligence was priceless but takes a special kind of person to carry it, and he was that kind of person.

I did not know him personally, but no matter who we are Robin Williams managed to reach deep within our souls as if we were the only person he was there for. So this tragic day also hit home with me because 25 years ago my sister passed from cancer. Perhaps that is why the day and the event is so sharp for me, I am unsure. I know that they are on the next part of the journey, and I have this picture in my head of Robin standing in front of god with his hands held together in front of him and that quirky look he would get, saying, “Hey Big Guy… did you hear the one about the Rabbi and the Nun…?

I love you Robin Williams and I hope you have the peace and laughter in your heart that you gave to so many while you walked the Human. I will continue to hold your family and friends in my prayers and perhaps one day I will meet you on the other side but for now… stay well Sweet Prince.

Many Blessings to all,

~ bear Medicinewalker