Oh that Scarey Thing Called Death…words shared from bear Medicinewalker


So I was reading something that someone posted last night and i sort of wanted to respond to some of it here …

Often times when we loose loved ones, as time goes on (especially if it was sudden, a child or young person) people find it difficult to listen, to talk or communicate about it . They act uncomfortable when a parent, a sibling brings the name up or tries to discuss the feelings of the emotional roller coaster they are on. What they fail to recognize, is death is a part of life… and talking about emotions, and allowing people to communicate about those emotions… is very healing for everyone. It is the Core reason we can perhaps understand not so much why it happens at times, but the fact that it does indeed happen for all of us at some point or another.

That by listening and responding in positive ways..we are also honoring the loved one that left the physical. They are not gone from our lives…for there is no death… they have moves to the next part of their journey… the grief, the mourning the loss… is left for those of us that are still walking this world.

So be gentler with people, don’t be scared to talk about it…it is not a disease… it is part of all of our lives… At the same time, help them walk back into life. Do not be the constant reminder of “Oh I am so sorry for your Loss” , and posting and putting up things on social media that keeps it fresh as a negative thing. Help them walk back into life…help them remember the wonderful memories… the positive impacts the stories have made on your own lives…perhaps the fact that something that was said or done, even inspired you to do something positive…

Our loved ones may have left us on earth physically…but they are around us each and every moment motivating, guiding, inspiring, watching over us. For that I have seen, bore witness to and completely understand. Help by listening, by encouraging… by sharing positives… Don’t ask people how they do it… tell them how much you love them and be there for them when they need you to be, Unconditionally…

Much love and many blessings~